Garbage Truck Catches Fire

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A garbage truck caught fire in a Bluffton neighborhood Monday morning, according to a Bluffton Township Fire District spokesman.

Firefighters were called to Pine Ridge Drive around 9 a.m. after the cab of a Waste Management garbage truck caught fire, spokesman Randy Hunter said. Firefighters arrived to find the truck's cab engulfed in flames.

Hunter said firefighters quickly got the fire under control and stayed on scene to help with the cleanup. No one was injured, and the cause of the fire is under investigation, Hunter said.


Bluffton Firefirefighter Featured in Article

February 3, 2015 – Bluffton Firefighter Dave Adams was recently feather in an article for the magazine Hilton Head Monthly. Firefighter Adams is currently assigned to Station 36 Shift 2.

0215-People-FirefighterBluffton firefighter David Adams set state records in high school and tore up the track in college. Nearly a decade later, he’s lacing up for more.

If you look in the state high school record books for the fastest 5K cross-country runner, you’ll see David Adams’ name next to a blistering 14:37.
“I broke a state record that stood for 11 years before I broke it,” he said. When you consider that his record has now stood for 15 years, you realize what an impressive runner Adams was back in the day. In fact, he nearly beat the state record in the 2-mile but missed it by a single second. The record holder for that was the same guy he beat for the 5K record.

“It’s funny looking back at those races, how nervous I was. I still get that way a little, to be honest,” said Adams.
This high school phenom took his talents to Clemson University after graduation, hitting a 25-minute 8K and a sub-five-minute 5-mile run. “That first year I did very well; I was actually the best runner on the team my freshman year.”
All the state records, all the promise of those early years came to a skidding halt his sophomore year with a debilitating injury to his Achilles tendon. Just as Achilles’ heel wound up being his undoing, Adams’ Achilles tendon injury seemingly ended his dreams of running.
“After that I partook in everything else college had to offer,” Adams said with a laugh. “I got back into it my junior year, but trying to live the college dream and being a Division 1 athlete just didn’t mix.”



Former Bluffton Firefighter Travis Howze talks about dealing with PTSD through comedy.
Former Bluffton Firefighter Travis Howze talks about dealing with PTSD through comedy. Travis worked for the BTFD before entering the ranks of the Charleston Fire Department.

width="250"Former Charleston, South Carolina, firefighter and now national headlining comedian Travis Howze lived through the tragic death of nine of his brother firefighters-now referred to as the Charleston 9. Plagued with post-traumatic stress, major depression, and survivor's guilt, Travis hit rock bottom. Learn how Travis found a way up from the bottom through laughter. It is an age-old adage that laughter is the best medicine, and Travis is using it to heal his pain and hopes that it will heal others as well. I recently caught up with Travis to discuss his upcoming 2015 FDIC International standup comedy show, the comedy circuit, and how his backstory will surely be an inspiration for seeking the right help at the right time. Read his story here, in his own words.