2014 Hiring Cycle

Bluffton Township Fire District continually accepts applications for Recruit Firefighter.
To be included in the 2014 Hiring Cycle applications must be received by February 15, 2014. All applications must be mailed to:
BTFD Training Division
357 Fording Island Road
Bluffton, SC 29909
or faxed to: 1-843-757-7305
All applicants please note;

    • The status of your application will be given to you via written notification. 
    • An incomplete and/or illegible application will not be processed and the application will not be considered.
    • Applicants must have reached their eighteenth (18th) birthday to be considered for full time employment.
    • Applicant testing will consist of a physical test first (known as the PACE test), a written test second, and an oral interview last.
    • Prior to testing, each candidate must complete a BTFD indemnification form. Each candidate must have a valid photo identification card and must provide this ID during testing and interviewing.
    • If the applicant is unable to make the scheduled testing dates, he/she will be required to resubmit their application for the next hiring phase.

To obtain the Application for Employment - click here
To view the Job Description for Recruit Firefighter – click here
To obtain more information regarding the testing process (including the PACE test and the written examination) please view our Firefighter Hiring Policy click here
Bluffton Township Fire District is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)

If you will be traveling from out of town to participate in the 2014 testing process please view this sheet, which previews the local hotel accommodations and will give you directions on how to obtain preferred applicant pricing.

For more information regarding our testing procedures please view our Firefighter Hiring Policy, or contact Crystal DeRosia at 1-843-548-4368 or via e-mail to: derosia@blufftonfd.com.
We look forward to meeting you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the starting salary for Recruit Firefighter?
A: $31,310.30 annually, with 5% increases for each promotion.

Q: When can I expect to be hired?
A: We test each year to create a hiring pool; we will hire from this pool of eligible applicants as positions become available. We do not have a ranked list; we hire from the pool of eligible applicants based on the needs of the department once a position becomes available due to attrition.

Q: What EMT credential do you recognize?
A: If you do not have a current National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) EMT (or above) credential you will be required to attend EMT school once you are hired. This cost will be paid for by the Bluffton Fire District.

Q: I have a ProBoard/NFPQ (or other) Firefighter I and/or Firefighter II certification; will I be required to attend the SCFA for Firefighter Candidate School?
A: Yes, all candidates who have not completed the SCFA 1151 Firefighter Candidate School will be required to spend 8 weeks at the SCFA obtaining this certification. This cost will be paid for by the Bluffton Fire District. Recruits will be paid while attending Recruit School.

Q: If I have attended the SCFA 1151 Firefighter Candidate School will I be required to attend again?
A: No.

Q: Can I leave on weeknights while attending the South Carolina Fire Academy (SCFA)?
A: No, you will be required to attend the SCFA from Sunday night until you are released on Friday evenings. You may not stay at the SCFA on the weekends.

Q: What are the shift hours?
A: Firefighters are scheduled to work 24 hour shifts; one day on and two days off.

Q: I can’t make the scheduled testing/interview dates, can I reschedule?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate any request for make-up testing. Our Staff strives to assure the testing process remains standard for all Applicants, and as such, we cannot allow for this type of deviation from our standard practices. However, we do testing each year. We encourage you to reapply for the future testing cycle.

Q: I have not received any kind of status update regarding the application, when can I expect to hear back from the Bluffton Township Fire District?
As you may know, we continually accept applications for Recruit Firefighter, and to decrease wasteful spending we only mail out notifications once a year which include testing information and deadlines. As noted on the application for employment, the status of your application will be given to you via written notification postmarked by March 10th, 2014. If your information should change before February 15, 2014 please submit a new application so that we can assure your invitation to test is mailed to the accurate location.